The type and frequency of cleanings is determined during the exam and varies depending on the persons’ needs. The purpose of the cleaning is to remove build up of plaque and tarter, that is also known as calculus, which contains harmful bacteria, thus preventing future gum disease and cavities. It is recommended for most individuals with healthy gums and periodontal tissue to have a cleaning twice a year.

“Prevention is better than cure.” – Desiderius Erasmus

Dental Hygienists

Lookout Mountain Family Dentistry has two seasoned professional full time registered dental hygienists, Colleen O’Halloran and Nikki Gnjatovic, that have dedicated their careers to making sure your cleaning experience and treatment is the best possible.

Colleen O’Halloran

Colleen relocated here to the valley in 1999 from her home town of Buffalo, New York. Shortly after that, she joined the team at Lookout Mountain Family Dentistry. She has been practicing for over 30 years and prides herself on providing thorough and gentle cleanings to all her patients. She loves the challenge of helping an anxious patient become at ease with their continual dental recare cleanings. Colleen and her husband both share a passion for helping homeless pets. Since moving to the valley, they have fostered, adopted, and found loving forever homes for many pets. They currently share their home with four very spoiled rescue dogs.

Nikki Gnjatovic

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