Sports dentistry starts by preventing accidents that may damage the teeth or jaw while playing sports. Sports such as boxing, MMA, football, basketball, hockey, rugby, and lacrosse will usually require mouthguard use. A professionally made custom fitted mouthguard will allow a better fit so the athlete can talk and breathe more easily, as well as have the proper thickness in needed areas. The best mouth guard is the one that fits properly and is worn regularly. Treating a sports related dental injury can cost a lot of money and cause missed time practicing and playing.

Here at Lookout Mountain Family Dentistry with Dr. Howard a custom fitted professionally made sports mouthguard can be made for you at no cost for ALL patients of record at our practice. Talk to us about your sport, position and level that you play and a mouth guard can be made that fits your needs. The best time to have one made is when you are here for your cleaning appointment. Custom colors, name or nickname with logos can also be added.

Each year Dr. Howard and staff are the proud providers of custom fitted professionally made SPORTS MOUTHGUARDS for the North Canyon and the Shadow Mountain High School football teams. He also provides the GCU women’s basketball team and GCU club sports of ice hockey, lacrosse and rugby with his sports mouthguards. Lookout Mountain Family Dentistry sponsors a playing field throughout the year with Prime Time Athletics youth flag football in North Phoenix in which Dr. Howard and his staff are able to promote sports safety and wearing mouthguards.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using and Taking Care of Your Mouthguard


  • Rinse your mouthguard before and after each use.
  • Keep your mouthguard fresh and clean it with cool, soapy water. Be sure to rinse it off really well.
  • Store it in a container that is firm but still lets air in.
  • Check for wear and replace it when it no longer fits properly.
  • Wear your mouthguard during both practice and in games.
  • Schedule a visit to see your dentist for regular check-ups. Make sure you go before each sports season starts. Be sure to bring your mouthguard.


  • Don’t put your mouthguard in the sun or in hot water; it could melt or lose its special shape to fit your mouth.
  • Don’t wear removable appliances like retainers with your mouthguard.
  • Don’t chew on it or cut pieces off your mouthguard because it will change the way your mouthguard fits and it won’t protect your mouth as well as it should. See your dentist if you need to adjust the fit.

“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.” – Vince Lombardi

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