Becoming more and more common especially as we live longer are dental implant procedures which are done to restore just one or all the missing teeth. A dental implant is the next best thing to mimicking your real natural teeth. An implant is basically a titanium screw like fixture that is surgically placed in the jaw bone which acts like the root of the tooth so a crown, denture or hybrid restoration can be supported. The dentist will evaluate the bone and anatomy to make sure a dental implant will be successful. The dentist, often working together with the surgeon, will make sure the procedure goes well from start to finish. You may need to have some type of temporary tooth made to wear during the healing phase. There may be 3-6 months of healing of the bone around the implant before the final crown is placed on the implant. It is very important to have good oral hygiene around dental implants and many times the dentist will recommend special hygiene tools such as a waterpik or electric toothbrush to help protect the investment of your new smile.



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