Dental anxiety is a common emotion that many people feel when visiting the dentist. It’s not just the fear of pain but all the sights and sounds that are accompanied with a visit to the dentist that come together to stimulate one’s fear of a particular procedure. Here at Lookout Mountain Family Dentistry we recognize that not everyone is the same and may need special attention and different techniques to receive the needed treatment. One of those techniques we use in our office to help give you comfort and relieve your fears is oral sedation at the time of your dental appointment. In the past decade, there has been a significant increase in the use of safe and effective sedation techniques with the aim of providing the needed care to patients without pain or anxiety.

After talking with the doctor about your dental concerns and reviewing your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate, an oral sedation dentistry plan to accomplish your goals can be presented. Most common is the use of nitrous oxide “laughing gas” and/or a combination of oral medications that will depress the level of consciousness to give a relaxed feeling and often a loss of memory of what happened. So don’t let fear of coming to the dentist prevent you from receiving the quality dental care that you need and want.

“Why only dream of having a beautiful smile, when you can dream while getting a beautiful smile!”

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