1. In-House Membership Plan- This plan offers significant savings for anyone that does not have dental insurance. Contact our office to receive more information and receive an application.

Benefits Include

• 2 Annual Exams

• 2 Emergency Exams

• 2 Routine Cleanings

• 2 Oral Cancer Screenings

• 2 Fluoride Treatments

• 3D Scan/ Panoramic X-ray (as needed)

• Bitewing and Periapical X-rays (as needed)

• 20% Off Major and Minor Treatments

• $50 Custom Teeth Whitening Trays and 2 syringes

Total Value of Over $1000 Per Person

Additional Benefits

• No Pre-Authorization Required

• No Waiting Periods or Pre-existing Exclusions

• No Annual Limits

• No Deductibles

• No Claim Forms

• No Frequency Limitations

• Cosmetic Dentistry Included

• Discounted Dental Fees

• Save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your dental treatment

*Some Limitations May Apply
*This is not an Insurance Plan.


2. Proceed Finance- Proceed Finance and Security First Bank are able to pre-qualify you in minutes and help finance the life changing dentistry you need. This is especially valuable for big case implant full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation.


3. Care Credit The CareCredit credit card makes it easy to access care without delay. Apply in office or online at www.carecredit.com


4. Dental Insurance- We accept all PPO plans.

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