Although as dentists we want and try to save as many teeth as we can, however, sometimes it is not feasible to do so and the tooth must come out. Some teeth such as the wisdom teeth are removed even before a problem is noticed as a preventive measure due to irregularity of growth seen in the radiographs such as impaction. Other teeth are extracted due to severe periodontal disease or fracture due to cyclic fatigue. Whichever the case, when the need does occur to have a tooth extracted it can cause great anxiety. The doctor will discuss with you any fears that you may have and give you several options to help alleviate those fears. A referral to an oral surgeon to have the procedure done under general sedation is also an option for severe anxiety. Often, at the time of extraction a bone graft procedure may be recommended to help preserve bone at the extraction site so that the restoration such as an implant or bridge will be more successful and cosmetically pleasing.


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